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TFM Jonny

TFMJonny is a Wolf Boy Vtuber (Virtual YouTuber) who sings, dances and performs his own brand of hilarious comedy for his millions of YouTube, TikTok and Twitch followers. He has a combined 150 million views across multiple online platforms and is best known for the VRChat Omegle series with his Baby Jonny character.Jonny is also a longtime VR enthusiast who regularly pushes the boundaries of what a VR based Musician and Comedian can do. He has collaborated recently with many metaverse based companies and communities including HIKKY and VRCon to produce and perform live virtual music festivals in VRChat. He was also included in HTC’s list of Top 100 Global VR Social Influencers (2022).


I'm Marina! I'm a VTuber that seeks to create a safe environment for everyone, while advocating for human rights and providing entertaining and educational content. I have been streaming since 2020.

Lolo Lotus

Hey there, I'm Lolo Lotus! I'm a secret souls boss vtuber and content creator specializing in soulslike games, horror, and true crime. I studied video games at university, with a specific focus on ADHD and its relationship with gaming.I'm all about inclusivity and education, creating a welcoming space for all gamers, especially those who are neurodivergent. I'm proud to advocate for neurodivergent individuals and share my knowledge with my audience.But it's not just about gaming for me - I'm also dedicated to positively impacting the world. I've participated in charity events, raising an impressive $25k for important causes.As a community builder, I'm all about fostering a supportive and welcoming environment. My high-energy, positive content brings people together and creates an incredible community.And I love to draw and design when I'm not gaming or advocating.


Artsy is a longtime popular VRChat streamer and content creator known for her relaxing streams chilling with friends talking about interests like anime, advice, and dates where she talks about herself and gets to know her community.


Makari's taste in content is best described as chaotic, she makes her living providing content on a multitude of platforms (Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch and art websites) and has been at the content creation game for over 10 years in many different forms giving her a skillset that has made her content very unique.Makari has worked with many big named Brands such as Razor, Digital extremes, Elgato and Battlestate Games to name a few.
Makari has an eye for the arts having been an artist for well over 15 years, using this and her creative mind she has spawned a home brewed universe called "The Kariverse" which see's her cast of characters exploring an expansive and Eldritch themed universe trying to unravel its mysteries.

Roy Chiato

Hey there! I'm Roy Chiato, like a macchiato! Get it? I'm a bunny barista VTuber who specializes in voice acting as well as running a café called the Cup of Dusk! Here, I bring all sorts of content creators from across the internet where we perform a bit of improv sketch-comedy, talk about news and advice in the content sphere, and typically get wild. Think late night talk shows meet content creators, then sprinkle in some bun and you've got yourself a recipe for success!Though, the café isn't the only bit of content I do. I'm an avid voice acting nut, having trained professionally and actively taking on projects or commissions when possible. I've ever started dabbling into ASMR with a twinge or roleplay, comic dubbing, and much much more.And speaking of more, I still manage to find the time to play games once in a while too! You can expect to see a wide variety of titles from story driven titles like Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy, and HoYoverse games, to fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken. Sometimes you might even catch me bold enough to play some horror titles like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, then fall back on tried and true shooters with friends like Apex Legends.Just like my content being varied, so are the guests I find coming to my café. As such, it's always been a focus to be a warm, welcoming place for anyone from any walk of life, sexuality, or gender expression. And so, joining with VTRainbow made the most sense, to continue promoting spaces for LGBTQIA+ creators to shine, create, and express themselves safely.So, got yourself a case of bun fever yet? Well come on in, pull up a chair and let me spoil you rotten.


Hiya! i’m Fennzey!
I’m a Cozy, Chill, LGBT Elf Vtuber princess that came to the city from a secret forest village in Canada! I left my princess duties behind to explore the world, meet new friendos and stream!
My community is 18+ and i like to focus on creating cozy vibes with a pinch of lewd chaotic and talking as much as possible with my chat!
I’m a variety streamer that mixes up the kind of things i play and split my weekly schedule between modern games and retro! i love sharing my favourite gamecube games with my community.
I occasionally also do VRchat streams with full body tracking!
I like to play games on hard mode and challenge my gaymer skills whenever i can!
Before variety i was known for doing a lot of challenges in the souls series!
I’ve only been streaming for 1 and a half years so far, so i’m still learning and growing as a content creator and just appreciate anyone who supports me on my journey and always happy to see new faces in my community!My main focus will always be on community and creating a safe space for everyone to hangout in, be cozy, and be able to be themselves!


Meet Kari, a talented content creator with a unique style that is all her own. With a passion for roleplaying and a love for corgis and anime, Kari brings a fresh and exciting energy to everything she does, along with her corgi companion, Ekko. She has gained a reputation for her quirky sound effects and infectious laughter, making her a fan favourite among viewers.Kari has made a name for herself in the gaming community, particularly in the world of GTA roleplay. On the NoPixel server, she has portrayed various memorable characters, including a lovable EMS, an apathetic serial killer, and a dedicated deputy. Her passion for gaming dates back to her childhood, when she first picked up a controller and played Duck Hunt. Since then, she has developed a deep love for various games, from shooters and MMOs to horror titles.Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Kari is thrilled to be part of an exciting project and is eager to share her fun, engaging content with fans. Whether cracking jokes, sharing stories, or playing games, Kari always brings her trademark humour and enthusiasm to everything she does.
So join in on the fun and get ready for swearing, many yawns and occasional corgi barks as Ekko tries to steal the show!

Adora Bunny

Mwah, I'm Adora Bunny! I'm an octobunny vtuber and content creator that loves making being bad at games look good by imposing bizarre challenges on myself, as well as playing games both retro and new.I try to push vtuber content in new directions with special challenges such as letting chat affect my game, as well as bring other vtubers on to subject them to the chaos.I also love editing videos and making short-form content!Community comes first and I've always been trying to make content that appeals to all walks of life, and create a space that lets people be themselves and feel welcome in my spaces. This has always been important to me as a bisexual person to make a space where everyone can have a good time.


Hi, I'm Miabyte! A cosmic horror turned vtuber & your queen of chaos. I'm a Twitch Ambassador, voice actor, host & variety streamer. My streams run the gammit from all the new releases to beloved classics. With a soft spot for Nintendo, Square Enix, Capcom titles and & games focusing on engaging expansive narratives. So expect FF14, Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil & more!I'm a trans woman (she/her) who cares deeply about her community. So for the last 7 years I've been fostering inclusive online communities and advocating for better LGBTQIA+ representation in the games industry. My aim is and always has been to make people's day just a little bit better.I'm also the Live Content Producer over at Gayming Magazine where I produce and host a LGBTQIA+ podcast & charity hangouts with an ever changing roster of queer content creators.I'm super excited to be a part of VT Rainbow, and among such wonderful content creators.


I'm Lenox, or Len for short! I'm a comfy, Scottish, Fluffy Highland Cow VTuber & Disability, Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Advocate! Before starting streaming in 2017 as a hobby, I was working in Additional Support Needs schools with disabled children; being autistic myself really gave me insight & it was a job I absolutely adored.As a disabled & chronically ill person, one of my biggest goals with streaming has been to advocate for accessibility in not just games, but the world as a whole; I wanna make the world a better place in everything I say & do.Whilst I may not always make consistent content like most creators, I'd like to think I'm educating & creating a space where not being okay - is okay, & normalised! I'm a strong believer in open & honest communication, personal growth & kindness. It was only in these past few years that I really found myself & realised that I was both nonbinary (agender) & a lesbian; & I'd love others to find themselves too.My streams & community are a comfy, low-pressure environment where people can chill, vibe & maybe learn something here & there on the way. Some of my favourite game genres include; rhythm games, turn-based jrpgs, general retro content & stuff from my childhood - & my favourite game series of all time is Dragon Quest; VIII being my no.1 game!When I'm not streaming, I'm probably playing my current game-of-the-moment, or achievement hunting; one of my special interests.


Hey there sweetheart!~ My name is Naya! I am a comfy/chaotic fox-dragon vtuber who based off of an old-school SNES style game! I love tons of different games like Overwatch 2, Minecraft, VRChat, Elden Ring, and many more! And to get to know more about me: "Let Me Give a Fox's Explanation" about myself~I am a Transgender (she/her) VTuber who has been doing content creation for over 10 years. My previous aliases went by the name "owTreyalP" before I came out, where I did a lot of Anime content for the younger generation. Today, I still go by that name but on TikTok, where my account "owtreyalpofficial" has over 900,000 followers. There, I am a major advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, where I educate my followers about different sexual + gender orientations (especially those many don't know) and teaching others my day-to-day life as a Trans girl.My goal is to make the friendliest community possible, where everyone is accepted regardless of how they identify, and it shows a lot in my streams where I am live nearly every day. Off stream though, besides being an absolutely workaholic, I like playing FPS games, updating my 3D models, and food!....lots of food...I hope we can all become friends soon! Nyooom~ ❤️


Hi hiii, I'm Ghoul! I'm an 18+ digital commission artist & comfy undead vtuber. I stream a lot of my art process, as well as FFXIV and
the occasional variety game! I started streaming 2 years ago because I was spending 6+ hours daily drawing alone, and wanted to have someone to talk
to while I worked, and I've totally fallen in love with vtubing! I love meeting and chatting to new people and seeing what other artists in this community make :D
I've been drawing regularly since 2012, but I became a full time commission artist in 2019! I used to work on webtoons and make comics with a focus on girl x girl love stories, but most of my art now is of vtubers, ocs, or fanart! I originally picked the username GhoulMommie because I wanted to have my art focus be on monster moms, not expecting to become a streamer, but now I have become the monster mom ;DThe community that I've been lucky enough to have has been so important to me, and it's my goal to continue to foster a space where people feel like they can belong. My hope is I can teach and encourage artists, create a safe space for LGBT+ people as well as content that represents them, and overall bring good vibes to anyone kind enough to spend their time with us <3


SUP, I’m Riri! Water dragon Vtuber, variety creator and PEAK silly little guy.I’m a former esports pro who loves making Nintendo content more than anything. I want to use my space to give people who don't have gaming communities a home and let people share their passions with each other- because I didn’t have that growing up.I’ve been on the platform for a long time, but streaming has been my career for about 2 years now! In that time, we’ve done everything from raise thousands for charity to building a city out of gingerbread (those poor guys didn’t last long), and even becoming one of the best Pokémon Unite players in the world!Representation matters so much to me- of course for LGBTQIA+ creators as someone who’s pansexual, but also as a black creator and someone who’s neurodivergent. I want to be a light for people who are just like me and don’t get to see that in their everyday creator.It’s a pleasure to meet ya! But you’re also stuck with me now. And I ate all the cheese in the fridge, so.


Goro goro ~I'm Kumo Kuddelmuddel, an Cryptid Tarantula vtuber who lives in an abandoned radio station in the desert! Now that I've found a home here, I'm free to do what I love: to make friends and spread comfy vibes!On my channel we have nurtured comfy but oddly liminal vibes. Don't mind the shadow people, ok? From morning hangouts, to late night ASMR I stream a variety of content throughout each week. On uncommon occassions witnesses have also reported spotting my claws (nails) as we read doujinshi's or build gunpla and models together.What's most important to me is spinning a web that can be a place for people like myself to feel comfortable in exploring their identities. As a trans-woman (she/her), I know it can feel isolating to be without resources and people without similar experiences to your own. I want to help others feel confident and comfortable in who they are and provide them the means and tools to foster their mental health.Come visit soon! It gets lonely out in the Mojave and I promise my bite only hurts a little.


Hi there, I'm Spofie! I'm a purple lalafell Vtuber who spends a lot of her life in the wonderful world of Final Fantasy 14. I also love checking out other games though, especially indies and RPGs! I became a streamer to share my love of games with other folks, so you are always welcome to come to my chat and talk about anything gaming related!I identify as pansexual and demisexual and my time on Twitch has helped me understand a ton about myself and the LGBTQIA+ community. I'm super excited to be a part of VT Rainbow where my Vtuber life and self identity come together in a cool as heck group of creators!

About Us


VT Rainbow is not a VTuber agency, but a collective of independent creators that support each other and come together to uplift the LGBTQ+ communityThe group was founded by Marina in 2022. It has members from all over the world, and has taken part in several conventions, including MAGFest, OffKai Expo, and FANEXPO CanadaVT Rainbow hosts a weekly SexEd & Relationship Advice stream on Marina's Twitch channel.The group has also raised over $15,000 for charity

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The group is not a VTuber agency, but a collective of independent creators that support each other and come together to uplift the LGBTQ+ community.

Group members are expected to be regularly involved in group activities and meetings. Group members are also expected to create content utilizing the VT Rainbow brand, such as Marina's SexEd & Relationship Advice streams.

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